Writer Christine Fox
— Writer, Actor
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Acting – A Selection of my Performances

This November 2023: Stage, The Maitre d’, ‘FINE DINING’, George Savona

2023: Stage, Lena ‘ESCAPED ALONE’ George Savona

2018: Woman and Voice, ‘ROCKABY’, George Savona

2011 – 2016: Stage, Devised Performances, Netherlands

2009/2010: Voice Over, Social Workers OPEN UNIVERSITY, BBC, Sarah Carr

2008: Stage, Miss Prism ‘THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST’, Andy Taylor

2003: Stage, Titania, ’A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM’, Christopher Davies

2002: Charlotte, ‘TEA 4 TWO’, The People Show, Amelia Pimlott

2002: Stage Xenia, ‘SUMMER’ , Dir. Bijan Sheibani. Advisor: Edward Bond

’Thanks for playing Xenia in Summer…Normally actresses show only her anger and imperiousness, not the reasons for these things, not the vulnerability – in your performance her pain seemed to shine through every part of her like light through stained glass, it was even in the agitated hands – was there even when you were still…….I hope you are pleased with yourself – you should be.’ – Edward Bond, Personal communication.

1987: Stage, The Woman, THE DIVIDED SOUL (writer and performer), Dir: Christopher Davies

Woman and voice in Samuel Beckett’s ‘ROCKABY’
Woman and voice in Samuel Beckett’s ‘ROCKABY’